Fortnite Battle Royale is a poor man’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, literally. But so what, I love it! I typically play this game with friends, which I would suggest everyone to do.

The game starts off with 100 players on an island and then it is all out war until there is a last man (or men) standing. Most people tend to play in a party with friends, so at least one of the party members need to survive for the entire group to win. Once each player lands on the island, the only item he or she has is an axe. You will have to roam the island to collect other weapons and items, while avoiding or killing players that get in your way. Also, every few minutes or so, there is a “forcefield” that closes in, ultimately forcing players to move to different parts of the island. If you are hit by the forcefield, you will continue to take damage until your health runs out. This ensures that players aren’t just “camping” throughout the island. Instead, this concept closes off several parts of the island, ensuring that players run into each other to duke it out until just about everyone is dead.

One interesting part of this game, which doesn’t occur in PUBG, is that you can collect wood and other materials you gather on the island to build various objects. So if you are trying to get to the top of a house, but there are no steps, you can build your own staircase out of wood. If someone is shooting at you and there is no cover, you can build your own staircase out of the wood that you gather from you arrive to the island.

Fortnite Battle Royale can be tough and quite often frustrating, but if you have a plan and work well with your teammates, success can be achievable. My team tends to take a more conservative approach when playing. So instead of looking for a person to kill, we start off by looking for as many weapons and supplies as possible, and also collect wood, which can prove to come in handy when placed in tough situations. As the forcefield comes, we make sure we are well on our way to the designated part of the island so we don’t get damaged. The key is to stay out of the open field and actively aim for areas where there is cover. If you are with a team, you can work with your teammate(s) to surround enemies or draw them out to your advantage. There are so many different possibilities and strategies you can implement to be successful at this game. And, again, it’s free.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you played Fortnite Battle Royale?

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