Since playing episode two of this newest season, I have been patiently waiting for episode three to come out as I’ve been constantly checking online for the release date and avoiding watching my favorite YouTubers as they played the game before it officially came out. This morning as I casually checked to see if the game came out, I was happy to see it did! I am a couple days late, but enough with my first-world problems – here are my thoughts on the game.

At the end of Season Two Episode Two, I infiltrated Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Bane’s group. Joker and I were best friends, and I was pretty much Harley Quinn’s lapdog. You know, she says jump and I jump. If she says hit this person, I’m hitting them. Bane and Mr. Freeze are odd, but you have to get used to them. Actually, you’ll never get used to Bane. Someone please get this guy a Xanax. Either way, I had so much fun hanging out with the bad guys that I almost forgot why I was there in the first place, which was…you know what, I won’t spoil this part for you. Play the game and find out!

As episode two ended/episode three began, Selena Kyle AKA Catwoman unexpectedly showed up. So in Telltale games, you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead. I flirted with Catwoman and Harley Quinn (to the dismay of Joker) in the past so I was hoping this didn’t turn into an episode of Jerry Springer. Unfortunately, Catwoman wanted to keep things professional (for the time being) and Harley now wants kill me. Still a little like Jerry Springer but at least no brawl between my acquaintances. Yep, just a day in the life of Bruce Wayne.

The Joker and Bruce Wayne continue to be friends, with him bashing a detective in the head for me and then accepting relationship advice from me. He also was able to have his first real encounter with Batman. As the cape crusader, I was a jerk to Joker but since Batman is his hero, I was able to convince him to try to steal a valuable item from Harley Quinn.

Jim Gordon hated me as Batman and Bruce Wayne in this episode. Unfortunately, our goals do not align so he keeps making it a priority to make both my lives a living hell. Luckily, Amanda Waller is his boss but she is more of a nuisance than he is. My decisions are made literally based on who I do not want to hate me today. And so Gordon hated me today and had GCPD “greet” me as I arrived to work as Bruce Wayne.

Overall, this episode was amazing. Whether I am playing as Batman or Bruce Wayne, each choice I have to make becomes even more stressful than the last time. I do not play this game for the action, which is pretty much non-existent if you are comparing it to non-Telltale Batman games, but I like this as well as other Telltale games for the situations you are placed in and how your decisions affect your character and how others view your character.

This game also does a good job making all of the characters very interesting, even more so than the movies have done. I love the Joker so far. I feel that a big twist is coming and I cannot wait to see it. Also, it appears Harley Quinn has taken a leadership role, which is something I wouldn’t expect over the likes of Bane, Mr. Freeze, or the Joker. And she is doing a good job at it.

Playing this season will make you hate Amanda Waller, if you don’t already do so. She is so easy to hate, but the immoral, selfish, and dangerous things she needs me to do are so much fun. I sometimes feel bad when I side with Waller over Jim Gordon, but as I said, “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get ahead in Telltale games.

Overall, if you play video games and have not played Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within or any Telltale games for that matter, you need to re-evaluate your life and download a game now.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you like this game? How does it compare with other Telltale games?

Yours Truly,



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